Friday, 30 March 2018

We Are Ready to Soar In 2018!

While those in school were encouraged to write out their goals for Year 2018 and to diligently work towards fulfilling it, the teen mums were stirred to learn new skills besides soap making, given that we are in a dynamic world where people's preferences and demands change from time to time.

We also had a trainer-Omotola Jesusina on hand to train both groups on hall decorations for event as a means of generating little income in the community, with the promise of further assistance for those that do well here to go for short-term courses on Events Decoration as we get resources.

Although we had more school girls in attendance than the out-of-school girls/young mothers, we are optimistic that the year will bring lots of goodwill and opportunities for empowerment for all and they will be better positioned to actualize their dreams.

We are prepared to Soar! Yes we can and we will!

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