Monday, 18 June 2018

Vocational Training For Teenage Girls & Adolescent Mothers

Skill Aquizition Tour with Teenage Girls and Adolescent Mothers

One of our cardinal objectives is to help girls gain economic power so they can stand tall against all form of pressures and intimidations to trade their bodies for money.  This we sought to achieve through opportunities for vocational skills and training.

And so, we recently embarked on a one-day tour to different skill acquisition centers. In attendance were excited school girls, out of school teenagers and adolescent mothers.
It was such fun as we went around and learnt how to make hats/fascinators, how to manage plastic waste, how to bake cake and how to make soaps, insecticide, airfreshner and Vaseline.

Although we do not have the seed grants with which to empower our girls to start their businesses as at today, they are excited to learn and hopeful that they will soon scale this financial hurdle and stand on their feet as small-scale entrepreneurs. We are holding on. We must keep hope alive!!!

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