Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Let's Talk About Values and Integrity

The Girls Arise meeting started with praise and worship.
Sis Tope revised the previous meeting topic “empowerment” with the girls.
She discussed “Value” with the girls.
Opeyemi defined value as a worth of something. Calister said value is an esteem that an individual or the societies cherish.
Aunty Tope defined value as principle or standard of behavior. It also means one’s judgment of what is important in life e.g. respect, charity, excellence, she said.
It means guidelines or principles that assist you to decide what s right and what is wrong and how to act in various situations.
She then asked, is it good to have values? All the girls replied “Yes”.
Aunty Tope mentioned Integrity as an importance of value. What is Integrity?, she asked the girls.
Semilore said it is an act of having a moral principle.
Calister said it is being bold.
Aunty Tope said integrity is the quality of being honest, hardworking and having strong moral principle. It is also doing a right thing in all circumstance even when nobody is watching.
She briefed the girls about a story narrated by the Vice President of Nigeria.
In an office, there were Chief Typist, Senior Typist and Junior Typist. The junior typist was very hardworking. One day, a man came asking the Vice President to recommend somebody as his personal secretary. The Vice President recommended the Junior Typist who is hardworking and she followed the man abroad.
Hardworking took her to where she hasn’t dreamt of going, she said.
Integrity supports –
1.      Hard work
2.      Diligence
3.      Honesty
4.      Humility
5.      Gratitude
6.      Self Restraint or Discipline
7.      Compassion
8.      Service
Aunty Tope asked some of the girls to contribute to the topic.
Mary said integrity is being hardworking
Opeyemi said value is the worth of something.
Semilore said integrity is being honest. We should always respect one another.
Christiana said compassion; we care and pray for the need of others.
Calister said integrity being straightforward. Our ‘yes’ must be ‘yes’ and our ‘no’ must be ‘no’ so that people will associate with us.
All the girls chorused the definitions of values and importance of values.
Aunty Tope end the meeting with a bible verse, Ecclesiastes 12 vs 13, “Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter. Fear God and keep his commandment, for this is the duty of man.

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