Tuesday, 30 May 2017

WATFON Taught Me to Love, Think and Reform Nigeria!

My experience at WATFON is something I cannot express totally in paper because it was purely transformational. I never thought I will ever have the opportunity to visit such a beautiful place of interest. It was indeed a wonderful day for me.
Although, my journey to the WATFON venue was a bit stressful, at least I got there on time. Upon entering into the hall of event, what I saw totally breathtaking! I saw so many students from different schools with their beautiful, colourful and well ironed uniforms. The staffs, the people, the lights especially the chandeliers were so attractive.

Moreso, the convener Mrs. Yinka Ogunde was so warm and friendly. I was surprised to see her in person. Well, except that I do see her on Television stations occasionally, this was my first time of seeing her in person. My friend beside me nudged me to look up and I saw Senator Liyel Imoke! I told my friend with bulging eyes to please tell me that I wasn’t day-dreaming and she said it’s real. To couple it all, I was selected alongside some other students from various schools to take pictures with Senator Liyel Imoke. Believe me, I felt as though I was on top of the world. I also took pictures with other dignitaries at the event.

The part in the programme I enjoyed most was the talk delivered by Senator Liyel Imoke, Mr. Tony, Mrs. Ndidi Nwuneli and Mr. Okechukwu Ofili,.Each one of them convinced us to love Nigeria, Think Nigeria and Reform Nigeria. When it was the Senator’s turn to speak, he asked how many of us wish to study in any University outside Nigeria after our secondary school education. All hands were raised up. That was when I heard someone say, “I will never school in this country and I asked why; she said it is because her certificate will not be appreciated in Nigeria.”  Senator Imoke said you don’t have to determine that because things are not going on well or as you planned, you will run out; you have to keep on trying, putting your effort in making it things good. The Senator further asked, “If all of us decide to leave this country who then will take care of it?”
“You can help by loving Nigeria. Nigeria as we all know is a multi-ethnic country whose language is very diverse. Our culture affects our dressing, our food and relationship with one another. You should love our religion, our climate, and our natural resources. If all hands are on deck, you could use our culture to promote peace. You will be surprised to see the little changes you will make by your commitment and sense of patriotism”, said Senator Imoke.

The next speaker was Mrs. Ndidi Nwuneli, who also told us to think Nigeria by being patriotic and being devoted to giving to others. She explained that these are so many people who are really suffering in this country and we could use our influence and money to help them, e.g. visiting orphanage homes and engaging in other charity organizations, being sociable and seeing everybody as equal. “Don’t say because I am rich and he is poor, then I am better than he is. No, love one another. Be yourself, no matter the situation”, advised Mrs. Nwuneli.

If every one of us decides to flee out of this country, who them will change it and make it better. We are Nigerians; me must fight, help and love ourselves. If the older generation set good examples, then the next generation will continue in their good steps, by so doing we are being good Nigerians.
The third speaker, Mr. Okechukwu Ofili really touched me to my bones. His talk was based on how we can reform Nigeria. He said we have to act and not look. “Don’t only observe, do it. If there is terrorism, you can change it. If you wish to start a business of your own, you may be wondering; where do I get the money? Where do I start? Who will sponsor me? What if I find one and my project gets terminated along the way? Where do I start from? If you keep on asking these questions you may end up not getting anywhere.”

Furthermore, he highlighted the addiction that most Nigerians have. These are-
Addiction to prayer
Addiction to excuse
Addiction to praises
Addiction to Prayer- He sighted the instance of the harlot in the Bible. The Pharisees tried Jesus Christ. They told him that the woman was a harlot and was a sinner. But Jesus replied: Let him who is without sin to cast the first stone, immediately the Pharisees started leaving one after the other. Jesus didn’t say God don’t allow the Pharisees to disturb this woman. No! He acted. Jesus Christ prayed too but he also acted. What of the story of Jesus Christ in the temple when he saw that there was buying and selling in the temple, he drove them out and rebuked them; telling them that his temple is not a den of thieves.

Addiction to Excuse-  I can do this, but there is no money.  We can do it but it is too stressful. Stop the buts and just do it.

Addition to Praises - Don’t get carried away praises. Some people feel that because they did something good, they deserve to be praised, which makes their heads swell. If you feel you have been praised too much, ask yourself have I done it right? Or am I doing it to be noticed? Be anonymous and let your works speak for you. Just Do It.

At the end of the programme, I went home with some food for thought. In life before one can become great, one must pass through many challenges. It all depends on how you are able to overcome them. You should see each challenge as a stepping stone towards attaining greater heights, set a plan for yourself, or maybe draw up a plan and the goals you wish to achieve, and follow each one of them until success comes.
It is not how far, but how well
It is not who starts but who finishes
It is not all the praises but all the critics you receive that makes you stronger and keeps you going
It is not you going through school but school going through you.
It is not only hasty and quick, but slow and steady
It is not how many times you fall, but how many times you had the energy, ready for the next fall
It is not only worth doing but worth doing well
It is not winning more to lose but losing more to win
It is not about following who you know but knowing who you follow
I am the future of my nation, I rule this world. I have all it takes to be who I want to be no matter the circumstance in life
I can do it. I am the future of my nation!!!

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