Thursday, 14 September 2017

September: Time to Assess Bestspring Foundation’s Work with Ijegun Youths

Unlike previous meetings where the boys and girls met in separate groups, this month’s meeting was combined.
Expectedly, Girls Arise Initiative team took the lead, being the most vibrant and engaging group. We had lots of things to talk about, ranging from how the summer holiday has been to what preparations needs be made as school resumes in few days.
The convener, Aunty Aramide stressed the need for youths to be responsible, dutiful and appreciative of the efforts of the organization to serve them selflessly. Thereafter, she called for sincere assessment of all the activities and engagements of Bestspring Foundation since it began operations in Ijegun in October 2013 and more importantly in the last one year when both Girls Arise Initiative and Boys & Champions groups were inaugurated. She noted that the assessment is not to demand praises but to let the foundation know what the pressing needs of the youths are and how best to serve them.
It would be recalled that the activities of the foundation bothers on providing educational, nutritional, psycho-social and health support to members in Ijegun and its neighbouring communities.
Comments from respondents are as follows-
1.      Celine Fredrick– I am a first timer. I appreciate what is happening here but I observe that some people are immature. I advise there should be stronger bond and more maturity amongst members.
2.      Calister Uche – I appreciate all that is happening here. The organization has given me numerous opportunities to go places where I have been inspired and impacted positively. I wish for continuity.
3.      Abiodun Remilekun – Bestspring has taught me many things. I have gained wisdom on how to live a purposeful life so that I will not be abused or molested by men.
4.      Angelina Uche – I am a first timer but from all that my sister used to say, I like what the foundation is doing. I will appreciate if they can bring more mentors and inspirational speakers to come and talk to our youths in Ijegun.
5.      Opeyemi Adeyemo – Bestspring has provided me a great mentorship opportunity. I feel loved and protected. They have also provided health support.
6.      Chijioke Blessing– This group has impacted my life in many wonderful ways. I am a better informed and upward looking girl now. But I will like Mummy Aramide to be calling us to know about our welfare because sometimes, I may have things I want to share with her but because I don’t have credit I can’t call her. You know, its not everything I can tell my mummy at home. So, I will like her to be calling us in case I want to pour out my mind to her.  
7.      Ola Christiana- I want to thank this group for introducing me to Naija girls’ programme presently going on at Ikotun Local Government . I recommend it to every girl because there we learn about Life, Love and Life-Skills. It’s a very enriching programme for every girl so every lady in this club should be part of it.
8.      Ayomide Shobayo – Were it not for Bestspring Foundation, I would not have gone to secondary school. So I want to thank them for providing me scholarship to get secondary education. I also want to suggest that they should help us in getting job. There are many jobless youths in my area there are just wasting away. They need help. We need help to save the youths.
While promising to work on all the suggestions made, the convener urged the boys and girls to be computer literate so they can take advantage of the employment opportunities that come from the current Lagos State Government. She promised to do all within her power to help the youths get a better and productive life.
The youths left the meeting very excited and hopeful for a better tomorrow. Many also received the admission card to join the Naija Girls programme at once.

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