Thursday, 14 September 2017

My Mama Is My Inspiration

My Mama used to say to me, “I was humiliated by your father. I was treated like a non-living soul”. How painful it is when a woman goes through so much pain. Imagine a woman being disrespected by men.

They think they can toy with us, they think we are sex toys, they think we are worthless. We deserve our respect as women, we are not meant to be treated like whores. They are shameless; all they want is put us in pains, lust and tears, but they don’t know the beginning of their downfall is to make us cry.

As a woman, we have things in us, we have strong spirit. My mama is my inspiration and that is why I always want to be a feminist.

Our power is in our tears!!!

We give them life; yet they make us worthless. How painful! We deserve our respect from them, let them know our worth and let us show them our worth.

As a woman we deserve our respect. We should understand our power and wield it like Samurai sword. We command respect; we don’t demand it. Just by the way she carries herself; a woman wields so much power and influence.

So many Mamas will say to their girls: you know family is in a hard condition, you have to start taking good care of yourself, especially when you are already a teenager or an eighteen year old girl. That’s so wrong and painful. As a woman you control what you can control-your image, your carriage, your influence. As a woman your destiny is in your hands.

As a woman you have to be smart. You could be the most perfect woman on the Lord’s green earth. You have the key to your life and your destiny. But seriously women, the decision is yours. Don’t give that power up. Keep it, save it.

We deserve their care. Let’s make them know that we deserve our respect, we deserve our rights as women. That is why we have to fight for our rights; protest for our freedom and demand for what truly belongs to us- there should be equality between men and women.

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