Thursday, 25 May 2017

We Are The Future of Nigeria!

Nigeria is a nation blessed with special people; people rich in culture and values; rich in fertile soil and mineral resources. However, despite the towering image and national riches, Nigeria’s endemic challenge is corruption.  
How sad that the high level of corruption, lack of patriotism, negative-mindset of youths has eroded the glory of our nation. Our cherished values are far lost; our morals have been thrown to the wind.

This and many more are the reasons that birthed the vision to rescue Nigeria and save the future of its youths. This same vision is what made the amiable educationist and mentor, Mrs. Yinka Ogunde initiate the program popularly called WATFON.
We are the Future of our Nation (WATFON) is a platform for youths (secondary school student) to be educated, enlightened, motivated, inspired and guided to achieve greatness. An annual summit organized to bring youths face to face with role models as they discuss issues of national importance and how each person can live his dream, WATFON creates the opportunity for young minds to have power over their future. Alongside this, it also seeks to inspire patriotism, right values and sense of responsibility in the youths.

WATFON seeks to change the mindset of the youth and secondary school leavers and give them the right information and knowledge so they can be committed to changing Nigeria for the better. WATFON also enlightens the youth about their ambition and career through the support of worthy role models.
It was therefore an exhilarating experience for members of Girls Arise club to be this year’s WATFON summit, held on 2nd March. The event, which held at Vintage Point, Ikeja, Lagos afforded them the opportunity to meet and interact with students from elite institutions and learn from them. It was such a joy to listen to powerful and inspiring talks from great and passionate speakers and role models.  

With the rich and in-depth talks and encounter at this year’s WATFON, our girls received strength and hope for a better Nigeria. They also resolved to be patriotic citizens that will drive change.

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