Wednesday, 10 May 2017

What Is Wrong With FGM?

“Female Genital Mutilation is bad and should be stopped. It’s one of the ways through which the girl child is being oppressed.” This was the focal point of the interactive discussion at the October 2016 edition of Girls Arise monthly summit.
How and why are girls oppressed through Female Genital Mutilation? In answer to this all important question, our girls argued that FGM, otherwise known as female circumcision is-
·        Violation of girls right
·        Death could occur during the process of circumcision as a result of excessive bleeding
·        The girl may not be fulfilled sexually in marriage
·        There are lots of psychological problems that come with it
·        There is risk of infection and other health hazards
The subject turned out to be an eye-opener to the participants. It also became an emotional moment as they felt so pained that girls are being mutilated just to fulfil tradition; and this at the expense of the girl’s happiness, wellbeing and sexual fulfilment.
This was part of the activities to mark the 2016 International Day of the Girl-child with the theme- Girls Progress; Goals Progress! Drawing inspiration from the theme, the girls were challenged to have set goals in life, especially in the area of education and to pursue this goal without distraction. They were also encouraged never to be deterred by financial hardship, disapproval from parents, empty promises from boys/men, peer pressure or other challenges that come to distract or sway us.
They were  inspired to see themselves as a Powerhouse whose progress will ultimately affect every other member of the family and even the community.
They were also encouraged to support each other and defend the rights of every girlchild.
Our girls rose up from the meeting with a resolve to say “No” to female genital mutilation wherever it is being done around them.

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