Monday, 22 May 2017

My Future is in My Hands!

For anyone to be outstanding, he/she must be purposeful and committed to a set ambition. And for young girls, it is easy to dream and desire a future laced with roses and sunshine. Unfortunately some don’t even know what they want out of life. They are content with whatever life throws at them.
The more reason why every girl should be inspired to dream; to have a future ambition and to be positive minded.  A future ambition can be something you desire to do in the nearest future, especially a career you earnestly desire as young boy or girl.

And so, at our February 2017 meeting, we had an interactive session on this important topic. If you ask a small girl what she wants to become, she will definitely have something to say. But it is one thing to have an ambition; it is another thing for the ambition to be a worthy one.

Interestingly, the girls also had a practical session as they wrote essays on “My Future Ambition”, highlighting what they desire and how they think their ambitions can be achieved.

Thereafter, the girls were further educated on the varied career opportunities that are open to them and encouraged to be the best in their choice path. They were also motivated to believe in their skills and strengths, irrespective of their background, the challenges they are faced with and the uncertainties that seem to lay ahead.
Talking about the guidelines to achieving their future ambition, Aunty Aramide stressed the need for qualitative education and urged the girls to be serious minded and focused.  “Education gives you the power to unlock a bright future. It puts you on the path of success. With a dint of hard work, determination and right attitude, success is assured.

The meeting ended on a note of joy as the girls were elated to be able to define their purpose in life and be empowered with courage and strength to achieve their desired success.

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